Hawaiian Vocabulary

Columbia River Outrigger Canoe Club (CROCC) Vocabulary:

Common Steers Commands:

  • Ho’o Makaukau (Hoh oh MAH cow cow): Are you ready or get ready. There are only two responses to this command:
    • Ae (Ay): Yes
    • A’ole(Ah oh lay): No
  • Hoe pahi (Hoa ee pah hee): Paddles Up
  • Imua (Ee moo ah): Forward
  • Lawa (Lah-vah): Stop
  • Une (Oo-Nay): to “lever”. Use paddle to change heading of the wa’a. Normally a poke on the right by seat one
  • Kahi (Kah-hee): To “cut”. Holds the paddle still, blade “cutting” in the same line as the canoe. No “action” taken.

Counting out numbers:

  • ‘Ekahi (Eh kah hee): One
  • ‘Elua (Eh loo ah): Two
  • ‘Ekolu (Eh koh loo): Three
  • ‘Ehā (eh hāh): Four
  • ‘Elima (eh lee mah): Five
  • ‘Eono (eh oh noh): Six

Additional Vocabulary:

  • Wa’a (Va ah): Canoe
  • Hoe (Ho aee): Paddle, to paddle
  • Huli (Hoo Lee): capsize, or turn over
  • Huki (Hoo Kee): Pull
  • Mahalo (Mah hah lo): Thankyou
  • Kane (kah neh): Man
  • Wahine (wah hee neh): Woman
  • Keiki (Kay kee): Child
  • Ohana (oh hah nah): Family

Wa’a Vocabulary:

  • Ama: Outrigger float
  • ‘iako: Outrigger boom
  • muku: Outboard portion of ‘iako
  • manu/ manu ihu: End piece at bow
  • manu/ manu Hope: End piece at stern

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