Head Coach Liz Nelsen (left) steers at the 2018 Adaptive Paddle Clinic.

CROCC offers a variety of paddling programs tailored to meet the needs of our paddlers. Each program focuses on paddling technique, Hawai’ian traditions, and team dynamics. Additionally each program allows for all levels of paddling such as recreational, competitive, or any combination there of. Padders are able to partake in learning the large boats (OC-6) and small boats (OC-1 and OC-2)

The main programs we offer are as follows:

  • Adult – Paddlers above the age of 18
  • Junior – Paddlers between 13 and 17 years of age
  • Keiki – Paddlers 12 and under
  • Adaptive – Paddlers with alter-abilities

Assistant Coach Cris Trimble teaches paddlers at CROCC’s free Outrigger 101  events that occur every August (above).  World Champion paddling athlete, Ann Yoshida, teaches adaptive paddlers proper stroke technique at the 2018 Adaptive Paddle Clinic (below).