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2010 Catalina crew
CROCC crew for 2010 Catalina Island Race

Columbia River Outrigger Canoe Club (CROCC) was founded in 1992 and was the first dedicated outrigger canoe club in Portland and the Northwest. Through the years the club has remained dedicated to the spirit and traditions of outrigger canoeing. Our main goal is to have fun, though we also thrive on thrills of competitive racing. As a 501(c)(3) amateur sporting organization we aim to stay true to our mission.

Our mission: To encourage, sustain, and perpetuate outrigger canoe paddling, racing and the related Hawai’ian traditions. We strive to embrace and nurture the community through inclusiveness and all skill levels in order to teach and improve paddling technique and to maximize enjoyment of the sport.

CROCC crew for 2018 Race Around The Island

CROCC welcome all new paddlers whether you have previous experience or not, are of a competitive or recreational spirit, keiki (youth) or kupuna (honored elder). We welcome you to join our Ohana! The team has decades of experience and passion for this unique and growing sport.

Join us for a paddle! Contact our coaches or sign up for an open practice on the CROCC Calendar.

2010 Catalina Crew backs


CROCC is a proud member of the
Pacific Northwest Outrigger Racing Canoe Association