Adaptive Program

All smiles at our 2018 Adaptive Paddling Clinic sponsored by Metro.

Columbia River Outrigger Canoe Club proudly adds Adaptive Paddling/ Para-Outrigger Canoeing to its programs in 2014. This program is designed to allow access to padders who otherwise may not be able to enjoy this great sport.   We wish to educate paddlers in adaptive paddling technique, water safety, Hawai’ian culture, and canoe etiquette. The program also provides a recreational activity and a competitive sport for those who wish to push themselves. The club’s hope is to share our passion for the Hawai’ian culture, enjoyment of the water, and provide a caring, nurturing, and safe environment for people of all levels of paddling. We provide assistance for wheelchair access and can accommodate other altered-abilities. Our long term goal is to continue to grow our Ohana and help paddlers excel in their enjoyment of the sport whether its is in a recreational or competitive nature. See a recap of our 2018 Adaptive Paddling Clinic.

Interested in joining us for a paddle? Sign up on the CROCC Calendar (follow instructions for first-time paddlers) and call/text the coach listed for that practice.  Please contact CROCC adaptive paddling lead, Arwen Bird, for more information on assessing your equipment needs and ability levels. See you on the water!

Arwin Bird demonstrates safe paddling posture for adaptive paddlers at the 2018 Adaptive Paddling Clinic, sponsored by Metro.